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This sounds like my hair - I want to cry. I'm jealous of everyone who is like "my hair hates this or that" b/c my hair never behaves consistently enough to ever get an accurate read.

I will try focusing on just coconut for a while since I have a coconut condish that I can use as a LI maybe with the AOMM - it seems like AOMM hasn't given me any trouble, so maybe panthenol is okay but who knows??

Do most get dry by night or get second-day hair? I don't even really know what to expect from my hair - I just know it should get so tangled.

Originally Posted by JLeighs View Post
Do you color your hair regularly? I'm asking because I had the worst "figuring my hair out" journey ever (well, it seemed like it anyway). It would take me days to describe everything I've tried, including methods, over a period of a few years. Products would work for awhile and then stop. I decided that aloe was one of the culprits. Turns out I was wrong. I could NEVER count on my hair to behave the same way. On days it was important that my hair looked decent, it was majorly stressful. One thing I discovered was that my hair can't take much moisture. The other thing I discovered is that my hair can't take much chemical coloring. So, I stopped chemical coloring (I use henna now but I realize that's not for everyone). Within 2 months of stopping the color, it was like I had a different head of hair. I wasn't using box coloring either --I was going to a stylist who used a demi-permanent color. I just didn't realize how much the coloring was messing with my hair until I stopped. Obviously, I don't know if that's the trouble with your hair; I'm just throwing it out there as something to consider.
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