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How is a laproscopic hysterectomy possible but not a laproscopic fibroidectomy is? Can you explain that?

I understand any kind of laproscopic hysterectomy is supposed to get you 4 weeks off work. (Longer for old fashioned abdominal incision.) Is it absolutely necessary you go back so soon? Will your surgeon go along w/ such a short recovery?

Is a laproscopic-assisted vaginal procedure a possibility?

Where do you live? Are there any boardies near you? Is your family totally unabe to help? Can you get one friend per day to stop by?

I know the new guy is offerring to help. And that is awesome. But try to have a back up plan and someone he can alternate with.
I think it may have something to do with the size of the they grow back. If my drs sole reason for giving me options to save fertility than I guess my choice is made.

And abt keeping the cervix I was reading in that...sometimes bladder prolapse with cervix...they question whether it could affect ur sex drive if u get it out...and I think u still have mini periods. I'm gonna talk to dr abt that too...cause I do have hpv....I wonder if he recommends getting that taken too. I have pretty strong pc muscles...lots of kegals. So that may help too I think.
But if they can remove the uterus wit the big fibroids laproscopically, then why can't they remove the big fibroids alone laproscopically?

Unless it has to do w/ excessive blood loss when they cut the fibroids up?

I guess fibroids are bloodier to cut up than a uterus?
Yeah...I'm not sure...I wonder if its just cause the will most likely grow back...and I'd need more surgery

Back on Cones,so now my routine is,wash with Deva No-Poo every other day or so. Occasionally use 365 sulfate free,maybe use low sulfate shampoo mixed with conditioner once every two weeks are longer. I condition with Aussie Moist or HEHH. I style with a little GF TN,and finish up with tons of GN Pure Clean Smoothing Cream. No frizz...slippy, happy hair.
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