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I know it's early, but this **** is not good for my nerves.

Election Results

Me at Oklahoma, Mississippi, Tennessee, Nebraska, and Alabama:

Really, over 60% for this fool? Close to 70% for Oklahoma and Mississippi?! You guys are gross and you should feel gross and I intend to never go anywhere near you.
I wish I hadn't even opened that link. I now have a stomach ache.
Now I'm positive Mississippi will end up being a flop, but they're reporting more now and it's quite different.
Those numbers (60/40) are great for MS. Yeah, you obviously haven't been there.

It's always red. Southern strategy at work. In MS you're taught two lessons every year in school: vote Republican and be a Southern Baptist.* Meanwhile, who gets the most federal dollars for pretty much every entitlement program? Wait for it......


*Not literally, but pretty damn close. Up until grade 5 I thought I was Republican thanks to what popular teachers told me.

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