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Originally Posted by goldy View Post
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This is such a nail biter!!! I have no one to talk to... Boyfriend is not even remotely interested lol

I wish I had maintained a Florida residency instead of Massachusetts, just so it could be one vote further from Red
It's pretty crazy here in Florida

I'm curious about what's happening in PR too! I was there last week & came back Sunday so we saw all the political caravans. I feel a personal tie to PR, having my husbands family there. My husband is not registered to vote in PR, but I am very interested in PR politics.
21,000 difference in votes! My stomach is turning... at 91% reporting. Come on, Florida! You can do it!!

PR politics are less interesting to me, since I can't vote here. Plus, Vieques is used as a disgusting political pawn much to the detriment of its residents. Its been this way forever (so I hear), and 10,000 people don't care to do anything about it. Our mayor doesn't even live here...

p.s. update your thread! I want to hear all about your trip!

ETA: It took me so long to type my post, it went from 21,000 to 18,000!
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