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So just as far as an update goes - I did a suave (ocean) cowash which worked out nicely - it was even detangling and I could come my fingers through my hair.

This was after I did some dusting for single-strand knots.

Then I soaked my hair in Biolage c. balm and put it a shower cap and ran warm water over it while I showered, I went to come it out and my hair was SO soft - barely any knots or fall out!

I ro'd a bit and then applied Curl Rehab and did a 30-minute heated turban on that

I Ro'd and used an ample amount of KCKT and then AOMM

Took a while to dry but I have nice curls and a teeny bit of frizz but no dryness. My hair kept getting snowed on and I spritzed it with a little water and jojoba oil (I just made that last part up)

My hair actually looks like Waterlily's except much shorter and with tighter curls -

One of the HUGE things I'm realizing is that I may not have been using enough product. I always used a TON of product but then people here always say use a "pea-size" amount or a quarter - well, a TON of product seems to work for me.

And I probably need to do weekly DT's

We'll see how this goes tomorrow and if it gets dry and brittle or if it can hold out for 2nd-day hair - still not sure how to "do" 2nd-day hair, but I'll watch some more WL videos and find out!
3b/fine/normal porosity/normal elasticity

LOVES behentrimonium methosulfate
(don't ask me to pronounce that!)

Want to grow it long again!
And simply want to figure out this hair of mine!
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