So Pete thinks he's a mastermind eh? Not so much. I think hooking up with Abi is the only actual smart thing he's done because she is hated.

Even though I don't normally want a returnee to win, the guys didn't actually get the chance to try to win before so GO PENNER! Altough I'd like to see a Lisa/Penner/Denise finale it probably won't happen.


i had to laugh at Pete being a mastermind

Penner was on two times before, and was actually voted out once (I didn't watch that season - or the season where he was medi-vacced) - BUT I give him props for winning immunity and think a Penner/Denise/Lisa final 3 would be good. I imagine there will have to be someone "evil" in the final 3, though, because the players know they want someone who won't get votes - I just really really hope it is not Abi!!!!

ETA - I did not know Penner was a writer and actor, too - he was nominated for an Academy Award for a short film....
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