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Aside from the vits & supps that are known to help with thinning and some forms of hl, there are herbs that are reported to help.

I have high inflammation in my body. Some probably from diet. High inflammation is a big contributor to hl if you have it. I'm trying New Chapter Zyflavmend Whole Body softgels to see if it helps. As long as I have inflammation all the vits & supps in the world won't help me. It's pricey but I got it off Amazon. Retail at a whole food store is $45 but using the coupon offered it was $25 for this 2 mo supply. We'll see! It takes a long time to see inflammation go down. Inflammation is also largely responsible for skin issues such as psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis, ....

Just thought I'd share as inflammation is usually only thought to be arthritis, pain...
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