I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND bleaching your hair I bleached my hair to do my whole head before and to do an ombre (the ombre is better because u can always cut the ends off) ... If you must there are some things I will recommend though 1. Deep condition deep condition deep condition, I cant express it any other way before u bleach it deep condition it every week before so if I were you start deep conditioning now 2. Dont re-bleach meaning, do not bleach the hair A SECOND TIME over hair that has been bleached I am not a professional but I can honestly say I am pretty good at coloring hair my hair has never fallen out and I've never made anyone elses hair fall out lol... I get compliments from hairdressers about my coloring too, if you have never bleached I will tell u this your hair will be dry, maybe even brittle the curls may become limp so definitely condition condition condition thats why u should deep condition prior to bleaching so with that being said I hope this helps