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@poema I've really been meaning to tell you I ABSOLUTELY LOVVVVVVE ur hair
Aw shucks! Thanks.

It's funny you mention ombre because I've been thinking whether I want to try that in December or not. On the other hand, I am trying to grow my hair and I don't want to damage the ends! Decisions, decisions....

If you choose to ombre just use semipermanent dye (the kind that washes out over time)
It's a lie made up by the hair-dye companies, it never really washes out (semi-permanent ;p) my advice is DON'T BLEACH! really...just the fact that they used chlorine bleach as a weapon of war during the second world war would be enough to dissuade one..I have a friend who has bleached and dyed her hair to the nth degree, and seriously. Her hair looks disgusting. But she still does it. It's like an addiction or something. I mean, it breaks off and looks like sticks and is very sad
Finer, mixed with coarser strands, low-porosity, wavy curly whirly hair...3A, 2C hair. Medium thickness, medium elasticity.
S-shaped hair with corkscrew ends. My hair is even more confused than me ;p
My hair officially hates protein Once a month is enough!
Currently a fan of TiGi products, (rock on, TiGi Curlesque styling creme!) but that will soon change - I am a self-avowed product junkie! Yay!
BIG fan of supersoaker method - thanks Rudeechick!
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