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Are You Embracing or Running Away From Your Gray Hair?-me2012.jpg
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about two years ago i got really tired of having to bleach my long hair every two weeks to cover my grey roots. plus, i was broke.. Luckiy for me my hair grows quicky and i now have long curly white hair. I get compliments on it daily, usually when i've been wondering if i want to color it again. i started going grey in high school and am only (?) 45. I still havent changed my make up palette or the colors of the clothes i wear... looking for advice on that as well as hair care products.
You know when you say words like this, we will want to see at least one photo, right?
mmmkay... lemme see what i can do... crap, shouldnt have built it up like that... im honestly shocked and inclined to argue when someone says " i love your hair!"

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