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- Will the CG Method still make my hair clean and nice and soft?
Yes! There will be an adjustment period anywhere from 2-4 weeks. You mentioned you have oily hair and you may have to deal with that before your scalp stops producing excess oil. As you stop removing the oil with shampoo, your scalp will eventually equalize.

- Will it make tighter or looser curls?
Since you have been straightening for the past two years, I predict that over time you are going to see curlier hair. This is just because heat damage naturally removes elasticity from the hair so it curls less. Also your hair may have changed during the last two years, so as fresh hair grows out from the root... who knows?

- What conditioner would you recommend?
Sally's beauty supply GVP matrix biolage conditioning balm - if you have thin hair this may be too much moisture though

Kenra moist conditioner (from ULTA) - has lots of protein for your damaged hair

Tressemme Naturals conditioner (from drugstore) - medium moisture, good slip

Hope that helps!

- Will this work for me?
I think so. But not everyone loves the CG method. Try it and see

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