Keihs, I have heard some curlies say that too much protein straightens their hair out. Maybe don't use anything with protein in it for a week or two, and see how your hair is...? And try different types of protein treatments, because not all proteins affect hair in the same way... In the end, sometimes experimentation is all you can use in order to figure out what the problem is ;p

Also, I used a Greek yogourt, honey, mayonnaise and coconut oil PT, then immediately followed it with a coconut oil DT...I had success with it, but I wouldn't try that more than once every few weeks...and I think following it up with deep conditioning helped a lot to offset the side-effects of protein...I do think my hair needed some though, because my hair was both very soft and also a bit springy after. I think the dry, brittle yuk feeling from protein is when you have used it too much over too many days...or if it is the wrong kind of protein for your hair, imo. Hth!
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Thanks for replying. I've been trying to take out protein lately and increasing my deep treatments, which I haven't been taking that seriously before. I realized that most of the products I've been using before had protein in, so maybe I do have protein overload. I think my hair is kind of dry. It sounds kind of crunchy when I hold it and doesn't stretch much. I'm not sure if it's always been like that, or if it's because of the protein, since I just recently tried to pay attention to my hair more when I noticed more breakage. So right now I think I'm gonna take a break from experimenting with protein.
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Sounds like overload, yes...I had the same type of problem with my hair and it took me finding this website before I could figure out what was wrong (a lot, as it turns out ;p) it took me about 2 months of taking out protein products from everything I use, and really DT'ing with moisturising oils etc before my hair really began recovering. Now, I can do the protein once every few weeks and that is enough to do the trick I have read here that it is a good thing to add protein back slowly into your regime, and being careful to notice which protein does what to your hair - I make sure if I use protein that it is natural (like the yogourt) and not in my products. That way i can control what kind and how much I am getting Hth!

MissKris, I'd trade my silly S's for your Z's lol! It sounds like you take awesome care of your hair
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My hair officially hates protein Once a month is enough!
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