TRESemme' Rejuvenating Mud Masque 8oz

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Originally Posted by MrsComboCurlz
I have a brand new jar sitting in the bathroom You could have had it. The smell turned me off when I opened it.[/QUOTE

Aww Thanx a lot...!Just bought it today and the scent is no bother to me at all. Will try it next week, Hope it has GOOd slip...I appreciate it ;D
*Cleanse: BoBeam, Giovanni Tea-Tree
*Rinse Cond: Herbal Essence HH
*Deep Cond: Deity America (green tub), CRN Algae Hair Mask
*Leave-in's: Soultanicals, Pura Body Naturals, Alikay Naturals Lemon-grass spritz
*Twisting: Obia Naturals TWB, PBN Cupuacu Butter, Camille Rose
*Treatment: Henna/Amla/Cassia/Brahmi
* LCSO Method