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The first time I henna'd with BAQ henna powder I made the recommended 200g for collar-length hair and had quite a bit left over. The second time around I estimated 133g (a baggie and a third) and it was just right! Trial and error.

Did you like your results though? How'd your color turn out?
I lovvve the color! I think I am going to post pics in the main forum. It's a deep red/auburn.

Another question though, how long does it take for the henna smell to wash out of your hair. I did my second wash today and it still smells like henna. :P My boyfriend accurately labelled he smell as "fish food."
LOL Yay, it's a grassy smell and I've noticed it plays better with some product smells than others...(Henna+the citrusy Oyin Honey Hemp=) I'd say it takes a week, but it probably depends on how often you cleanse your hair. Can I asked what you mixed your henna with? Some liquids, like red wine, can contribute to the problem. I've heard adding powdered ginger or cardamom to the mix can help.

Glad to hear you like the color!
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