It really depends on the person, some people like different styles and methods of kissing and if what you like does not match with your partners likes then it may not be as enjoyable.

I also think that some people can be downright terrible kissers...I hate it when men try to give you those super wet kisses with way too much tongue and is suppose to be sensual and romantic you aren’t suppose to try and eat my face! Personally I have had the opposite experience not men who don’t like to kiss but men who can’t seem to stop lunging at you for a kiss...this could be just as bad depending on the number of dates you have had and how comfortable you are with the guy.

My husband knows how to kiss me just right because he knows me well enough to know what I like. If I found out the guy I was with didn’t like kissing and shunned away from kissing me I’d shut the door in his face so fast he wouldn’t know what hit him.

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