GDLI. It's actually a really interesting story. I had been using it sparingly because I got awful crunch and some residue, and then one day, I actually read the directions and partially dried with a microfiber pillowcase until my hair was damp and smoothed it on, and it looked amazing. No frizz at all upon drying---used with a little bit of CHSCK.

Most of my other leave-ins I can't apply to damp hair (they need soaking wet to get any clumping whatsoever), but GDLI needs damp hair.

My second... I tried a sample packet of AG:Recoil Curl Activating Shampoo. The thing that freaked me out about this was that I was about 90% sure it would dry the crap out of my hair (despite being a low poo). I used (accidentally) more than I use of KC Come Clean, and it actually lathered, also scaring me. However, I felt my hair then for squeakiness, and found none. It was so-so, maybe even soft. I followed with a light co-wash of Suave Coconut and and my hair was ridiculously soft and already forming definition. I think I might have even gotten a bit of shine (though AOHR helped that along).
Hair Type: 3c, Med-High Density, Low Porosity
Low Poo: KC Come Clean
Condish: AOHR, TN (Avocado), TJ Balancing Moisture
Leave in: GDL, KBB
Curl Lotion/Gel: CHS/CK
Others: CJ Curl Rehab, Jojoba Oil

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