Yes, we are all kind of amused by it all.
I know I've been whining the last few years about these horrible periods (every 2-3 weeks, super heavy for 6-7 days, huge clots, etc). I've been to 4 doctors, had many tests, and have spent thousands of dollars out of my own pocket to see what's what and what I should do about it, if anything.
Long story short, this issue could end on its own tomorrow. Or it could keep going for years.

So there are 3 options at this time.
1. Live with it.
2. Have various forms of surgery from outpatient to full blown surgery, which may or may not solve the problem.
3. Try the pill and if they don't regulate the periods, then go back to 1 or 2.

1. It's not life threatening (I get tested regularly for anemia, etc), it's only painful when there are big clots, and I could live with it if needed. It does interfere with life sometimes having to carry tampons and pads and make sure I'm near bathrooms and such. And I've ruined plenty of clothes and unders and bedding. But again, not life threatening.
2. I don't see the need for surgery just for my convenience. I also don't want to take time off work or time off from the gym, or spend the money.
3. We'll give birth control pills a go!
Still pretty funny for an old lady who was spayed 30 years ago.
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