I have said "I love you" romantically 3 times. The first one I wanted to hear it so bad, but I don't think he ever really meant it. The second one that said it had timeframes on everything relationship related and by the time he said it I don't think I felt it. This one, now, makes me wonder if I ever meant it before!! We said it mutually within a week of meeting, but it was one of those things where we felt like we had know. Each other forever. We would spend most of our evenings together and were so drawn to each other the feelings were intense. We still haven't been together too long, but it feels like nothing else I have experienced. I hope this one is "it" and that this feeling of unconditional love is reciprocated always, but if not, I only hope that I will never regret feeling this way!! It's pure bliss.

I honestly don't think it was love at first sight, I was leaning that way just emailing (we met online) and then I heard his voice and I felt love and major attraction to him. Then when we met in person we never wanted to be apart!!