So I have been trying to grow my hair out since highschool. I recently graduated college and I still havent really gotten anywhere! My longest layer is bsl but most of my hair is still up to my shoulders and not growing! And to make matters worse i feel like my hair has been thinning out and looking stringy.

I try to do a DT of olive oil and honey, or coconut oil once a week. My current routine is to co wash with tressemes naturals, put in shea moisture product and either yes to carrots or knot today, and then herbal essences tottally twisted mousse or gel. my hair has some bleach damage but lately i have only been dying the roots and trying to baby it. I havent used heat on it since May.

I'm getting married in June and would like it to look ok before then, and preferably grow a little. IF anyone has any advice, i'd love to hear it :-/