I highly recommend AmiLactin or LacHydrin (same thing different names, there's also a knockoff available on Amazon and eBay. This lotion used to be prescription only and works wonders on my skin. I am so dry that I flake within hours of using any other moisturizer. AmiLactin/LacHydrin lasts about 48 hours before I need to reapply, but my skin is its best when I use it once a day.

For clarity, I have few functioning oil glands in my skin and hair, and even have horrendously dry eyes and mouth due to an autoimmune issue. AmiLactin/LacHydrin makes such an incredible difference! I highly recommend trying it. It's a little expensive but it's totally worth it. If they have ingredients you can't use, look for another moisturizer with lactic acid as a first or second ingredient. It makes a huge difference.

My other go-to is heavy cream, brown sugar and honey, combined to form a paste (add coffee grounds if you like) While it's more cleanser than moisturizer, it's incredibly healing and moisturizing on the skin. Use it as a scrub, keep the remaining in an air tight container and use when showering. Over a 2-3 day period the sugar crystals will dissolve and it will become smooth and creamy, and still work as a softening cleanser but without the scrubbing action.

Hope this is at least a little helpful.