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Originally Posted by CurlyMJ View Post
Ok I just tried this method using curl keeper and it worked amazingly! I did everything she did in the video and used curl keeper. I did, however, use a little aloe Vera gel over and my hair came out just like in the video!

Tenapaige - there is another thread where the awesome ladies here compare using regular ky jelly instead of curl keeper and have been getting the same results.

Corrina - She has another video where she uses curl keeper instead of Ouidad; I think she meant to post the video with curl keeper but instead posted the one where she uses ouidad.
1. Thanks for the review really helps btw I received an email from naturallycurly and that curly solutions is having a 15% off sale

2. Im not really sure about ky jelly lol

3. Thanks for noticing and explaining my error because thats exactly what happened
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