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3 out of 4 of my fishes died. my husband told me to get over it, but I think my fishes deserved the cry I gave them. The first two were my first pets ever

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Aww! How long had you had them? I've never had a pet, but I understand people getting upset when they lose them. Not 'take a week off work upset', but upset. I'd be more concerned if people didn't get upset.
I had the first two since like sept and I recently bought the other two goldfish. It was just getting up n the am n seeing them dead, had me all upset

Plus the last one ended up dying too. I had to go out n get some water treatment stuff n came back and it was dead too!
I was depressed for like 30 minutes
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I would try a different kind of fish. Goldfish get sick so easy and they poop too much. Tetras are pretty good and danios are dynamite! I started up a tank again in may and they are holding up good. 4 of them died when my daughter knocked over the tank and broke it. The 2 survivors lived in a cup for about 2 weeks until I got the new tank ready. The key is to keep the water clean too many nitrates from fish waste is what kills them. I add fresh water whenever the level gets low and I clean the gravel once a month. What size is your tank?
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