So incredibly sad, and Hamas in particular is one of the most awful stories of the middle east. They truly don't care about their people, they care about their own power.

I've been keeping updated to make sure family and friends over there are okay. A lot of people I know have moved north for the time being, but it doesn't seem like that'll be safe anymore either with rockets going so far north. Hoping that none of my family in reserves will be drafted and that none of my friends in the IDF will be going down there. I just want a ceasefire. It doesn't seem like this is a war that will lead to any conclusion; it's just getting worse and worse.

I posted this photo of myself in Jerusalem yesterday. I just feel so passive and helpless. When I was there during the summer they blocked travel in and out of the south due to bombings but nobody thought this would escalate so quickly.
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"We’ll not live like this. They will try to bury us with false manifestos, inscribe us in wars against false enemies but we’ll sing songs about dying from loving the wrong cowboy and gospel; our bodies will burn in effigies of promise. I swear."

-Ibi Kaslik