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The store was sold out of Twinkies so I got a box of Ding Dongs. I was thinking of Ebay but I ended up giving them out to my coworkers with their beadie little eyes. I'm such a softie. I'm keeping the Zingers though. I'll probably eat them myself.
I heard the company that makes Twinkies (hostess?) is going out of business.
They are. That is why people are snatching them up. A box of twinkies sold for $60 on Ebay today.

I prefer zingers. The red ones. Actually what i really love are those Little Debbie Nutty Butties. They had better never stopped making them or it might get ugly.

But twinkies are iconic?! How??? WHY!!!!!!!! Zingers are my favorite thing!!! I'm not in the US until Christmas so I can't buy anything!!!!
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