So after having been on the CG method for 2 months I'm still having problems. In my previous post I complained about my hair becoming knotty and very dry, and I was adviced to switch to a glycerine free conditioner. After 1 month on glycerine free rinse out, my hair is still quite dry and knotty (it's especially knotty in the back, but this may be from wearing scarves?), and it doesn't have as much volume as it used to before no-pooing.
I will get my hair cut as I can see I have some split ends, so something must have gone wrong somewhere.
Please give me some advice

I'd say I'm a 2C on the first day of washing.
My porosity is difficult to determine; in doing the float test my hair floats, but it also seems to have small bumps towards the root of my hair in the slip'n'slide test.
Apparently my hair is of medium density, but quite thin, and is of medium length.