Okay, been over the complete pointlessness of red velvet, but just saw someone eating red velvet munchkins and no way will someone make me believe that they taste like anything but regular munchkins with red food coloring.
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I always agree with you a million% on this (and also about icing. and stuff being too sweet. and cold temps. I would die if my house was 64).
Hey I like cupcakes. I like the look of red cupcakes. But they are just red colored white cupcakes. Usually just fake vanilla flavoring and sometimes a tiny touch of cocoa.
I don't know what munchkins are (other than the ones on the Wizard of Oz and I don't think it's very nice of people to eat them) but I will agree with you on that too!

And now I want a really good deep dark chocolate cupcake. With no icing.
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