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She hates mean girls and girls that act helpless. She loves video games. She hates dresses, skirts, high heels, and makeup. She hates shopping. She only fights when she needs too. She hates girls that physically fight over boys. She views guys as friends. She hates having girls as friends because of drama.
Why does your character think girls are always having catfights over guys, or that girls are the only ones who have drama? At the moment, all of my closest friends happen to be women and I really value my relationship with them. And I've known plenty of men with all sorts of drama, although I certainly don't use that to disqualify an entire gender as potential friends. I've been friends with a lot guys and I value those relationships too.

Also, it sounds like your character doesn't simply prefer not to wear traditionally feminine clothing. It sounds like she thinks it's bad to do traditionally feminine things because women are bad. And it sounds like she also thinks that masculine things are better because men are better than women. So in order to be a worthwhile person, a woman has to abandon everything that's culturally feminine and instead pursue culturally masculine hobbies, like playing video games.
She is a tomboy because of her older brother and likes to be comfortable not because she thinks men are better than women. She doesn't think all girls catfight over boys but she hates the ones that do and it's a fact that girls cause more drama.
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