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This is Vinnie (Vinnie Van Gogh-Go) A friend of a friend saw him thrown from a car on the freeway and stopped to catch him. He had been fed only people food so he was 25lbs, and he had one ear missing (hence the name) and the other ear is all scarred up and thick. He has two thumbs plus four fingers on the front paws, and the thumbs are opposable. So he can open ANYthing. His nose is a heart, and he's the sweetest cuddly cat ever. Oh, and he sits up and begs like a dog. And he has a massive licking problem, as you can see in the pictures. He's such a mess, but he's so cute it doesn't matter. :-)

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Ballot approved.
It's sad how someone could treat a animal like that :-/
I know. I wish I knew who/where they were. Although, I'm told that one of the animal rescues is investigating. They work closely with animal control and will make sure the person is taken out back for a beating... I mean prosecuted. :-)
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