Repeating all that old, tired propaganda and posting the anti-Israel cartoons doesn't provide anything other than the current cultural programming trend. Stupid cartoons are supposed to illustrate some elusive "truth"?

Gaza was occupied by Egypt prior to 1967, and before that it was within the territories of the British Mandate, and before that, under Ottoman rule. Israel seized Gaza from occupiers, then withdrew completely from Gaza in 2005.

Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, etc. each could have given their populations of refugees citizenship. They all refused to do so. They could have given land they occupied (Gaza, West Bank) to refugees. They all refused to do so.

In the case of the United States, having the land, the resources, and the internationally recognized right to self-rule has encouraged assimilation. In the case of Israel, a nation is trying to protect all the people of the nation within the boundaries of an extremely limited plot of land. In addition to living within the boundaries, Israel is met with continual opposition when it asserts its right to defend itself against the neighbors from whom they’re shielding themselves. They simply do not have the room or the resources to support all the refugees who want to live in the only democracy in the region.

What do you think would happen to the people of Israel if they did not fight for their own right to independence? What would happen if they said, "Oh, okay. We'll move out of our own land and let in the third generation of the people who fled nearly a century ago. We'll give them our fish farms, our agricultural advances, our universities, our museums, our holy places. No problem. We'll just go to..."
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