I hate this fight. Israel just exhausts me, on so many levels in my life.

The last thing I want is to have friction with people here on NC. This is usually a haven of inspiration for me, and you all make me smile every day.

I apologize to anyone if I've offended or seemed insulting. It's actually good for me, personally, to read the intelligent, caring, honest responses of people who won't provide "canned" answers. I need to discuss this with people who have different perspectives, and,

wild-hair, you are absolutely right about al-Jazeera providing a voice that needs to be heard.

Recently many Jewish scholars have been studying and publishing "New Testament" or "Greek Bible" annotations, study guides, etc. I bought one, and I downloaded it onto my phone and started reading it. I swear I felt like I was 6 and my mother had just caught me stealing in a market. I kept looking over my shoulder, half expecting my mother to emerge from a dark corner and zero in on my reading material. I'm 46 years old for cripes sake.

I had that knee jerk response to mention of al-Jazeera. It's a silly thing. As a mother I need to be better than that.
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