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Excision. Fifi is right, this is disturbing and weird and odd. Not for the weak of stomach or anyone who can't stand the sight of blood.
Has some actors in it I like, especially Malcolm McDowell.
My morbid curiosity desperately makes me want to see this, but unfortunately I am one of those with a weak stomach.
The ending is quite horrifying. I'm still thinking about it today.
It was. When it took a turn from warped, odd and bizarre (which I love) to... OMG, OMG, OMG... I was in shock. It did have some tremendous acting, and I was glad to see Tracy Lords in something again. She adds the right amount of campy to anything.

It is true though, not for those with a weak stomach, overly sensitive (remotely even, when it comes to this movie), or faint of heart.

**In other news, I LOVED BRAVE!! Such a good movie.
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