I've tried the EVOO & Moringa styling custard and I loved it. It had really good slip and detangled my hair while applying. Once my hair completely dries it feels sooo moisturized. It's well defined from root to tip. I can get second day hair and even 3rd day, it's usually a bun but it still feels moisturized. Whenever I use it I have a tendency to play in my hair and it still doesn't frizz, I love this stuff!!!
Now that being said I was eager to try the Indian Hemp and Tamanu products, so I bought the leave in custard and the edge taming taffy. The first thing I noticed is that the custard isn't as moisturizing as the one from the EVOO and Moringa line. Is says it increases strength and helps hair grow so maybe I'll use it every now and then as some kind of DT. The edge taming taffy works for my hair but I have to use quite a bit, I have 3c hair and I could use something much cheaper that works just as well. I'm still a terrible pj and I loved the EVOO styling custard so much that I got the hair butter from the same line. I still haven't tried it yet. And I may even try the line for heat protection next time I straighten my hair.

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