Welcome to team curly! First thing I would do is try to find as many natural hair resources as possible. YouTube is a wonderful place to find countless hair videos. I have learned so much from watching videos. Naptural85 is a great channel for type 4s.
You can try the curly girl method if you like. I find that's a good place for most curlies to start. You can pick up the curly girl handbook at most bookstores or just find the information online. The youtuber 'waterlily716' has a few great videos on how to follow the curly girl method.
You said your hair is hard to comb. Do you detangle in sections, making sure your hair is soaking wet and covered in conditioner? If I don't spilt my hair into six sections it is impossible to comb through. Also, I only finger comb now. My hair hates combs and brushes.

There is so much to learn about your hair and most of it will be hands on learning so just keep trying out different methods and products until you find whatever your hair likes best. Good luck!
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