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Hi, I'm new here too... I used to perm my hair for years thinking I had straight hair because that's how my mom always styled it when I was young. I didn't like my hair straight though, so started perming in 8th grade. Years of that ruined my hair and I quit perming and cut my hair short about a year after I got married, when I was 23. Well, I hated my hair so much, blow drying it straight every day and wished I could perm it again. I mentioned this to my hairdresser and he said, "But your hair is naturally curly!" LOL He thought I just preferred it straight. So he showed me how to use the curl naturally and I've been much happier ever since. I think my hair is C1 or 2, not quite sure, really. It's very thin but I have a lot of hair (not as much as I used to). It does frizz, which drives me crazy. Anyway, here's a picture in case anyone can tell from it what type my hair really is...
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