Your hair is pretty! As for my story:

As a child I had pretty straight hair on top that ended in ringlets, especially underneath. In the 80's I started getting perms, of course, and late 80's, early 90's as a tween/teen I was frequently a guinea pig for my sister and sister-in-law who were both in beauty school. So I had a lot of styles.

After that I started to grow it longer, all one length, no perms, and it barely waved. A few years ago my sister cut it fairly short and layered and it curled again. From then on I have been trying to encourage curl because my hair is fairly thin/limp/flat, and the more curl the better.

I found this site earlier this month by accident, as I was trying to find out if biotin would help or hurt my DD14's acne. Since both my girls are curlier than me (one a 2C-3A and the other a good 3B), I was happy to find this site. We immediately started on some of the methods here.

So for me, I'm having mixed results. We're starting out with drugstore brands. I have co-washed with Tresemme Naturals and used a sulfate free Loreal shampoo. After the shower I've used some Tresemme for a leave-in, I've used Herbal Essences Set Me Up mousse, and an HE spray gel.

The day I wash, my hair is usually flat and not very curly. I have combed in the shower and left it alone after scrunching with a tea towel, but that just leaves odd chunks. I have decided I need to comb after. It gets curlier for second day. I comb through it (there's no curls to mess up by then anyway), spray with water, and scrunch with my HE spray gel. It air dries and then I run fingers through or scrunch to make it not crispy. It looks fairly curly and decent then.

So, I am trying to decide on a product to encourage curl and volume. Looking at the 4Naturals serum for 2 & 3, but not many reviews out yet.

Sorry I don't have any pics.