I haven't had a good nights sleep in 12 years between the dog hogging the bed and my husband snoring.

Thankfully when Mr. Spring lost some weight his snoring lessened and if I can get him to roll over to his side he'll mostly stop snoring, but I've pretty much woken myself completely up trying to gently nudge him to roll over, so...

I am a light sleeper who also wakes several times a night to go to the bathroom, so between all of that I feel like I never really sleep great and I am always, always tired and dragging. Sometimes it annoys the crap out of me, but for the most part I've just accepted this is how it is and am glad for some nights when he barely snores at all. It's not really that he's even that loud, but I have a hard time getting into a deep sleep.

I've recently started using an app on my phone for some ambient noise because I also have some horrendous ringing in my ears and having that bit of background noise going helps.

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