Curl patterns change. In men and women. Mine changed when I have up silicones . In others, the change because of hormones and other bodily changes. I'm not sure if I have been of any help, but I'm just letting u know curl patterns do change and its not something to be alarmed about. I'm sorry you miss your husband's curls, but there is hardly anything u can do get them back,except wait for it to turn back the way it was before(of course we don't know how long that'll take). Wether you want your husband to artificially curl his hair, thats up to you guys, as long it's safe for hair.

Your son's curls are GORGEOUS btw.

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HAIR TYPE -2a-b, black, mostly medium
CLARIFY- I use sulphate shampoos silicone free(diluted), vinegar rinses
DC-pure coconut oil, olive oil, sometimes a SMT
LI-aloe vera gel + castor oil
I'm currently at BSL, aiming for waist length.I'm a very impatient person, wish me luck
I love my flat iron, but I love my waves even more. :-D