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Originally Posted by SammySingally View Post
I've tried, many times, he won't let me touch his hair.
I'll try again maybe this December when he comes down here, but I won't be surprised if again, he won't let me touch his hair.
However, I just remembered that my brother doesn't buy his own products, he usually asks my mum to get them for him and he'll get them from her. I'm sure I should be able to convince my mum (who has like beautiful 3b/3c curls, but relaxed her hair straight - she hates her curls ) to get certain products for him, but the problem is.....which?

What products do you guys use that work well (and what hair tools, like combs and stuff)?
I order my products of BritishCurlies and I doubt my mum would want to order products for him. She'll just want to walk into an ASDA, Boots or any store and pick them up.
You should sneak and have him go mod-CG. In the US there are a lot of CG friendly products you can easily find in the stores. I'm not sure about Europe.
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