Oddly, I got the cat because Buddy has been having such issues when I'm not home. He's been crazy lonely. I came home four hours late a few weeks ago, and he was all wigged out.

Since it's not Armageddon, I'm hoping they'll friend up as the weeks go by. After all, Buddy used to hide under the bed for every little thing, and he got past that.

If nothing else, they'll just ignore each other, but, no fighting right now seems to be a good sign.
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Aw, I'm sure they will work it out. We got Hunter (a kitten) when Heidi (dog) was about a year, Heidi was thrilled, Hunter was less than enthusiastic about the big, loud thing. They mostly co-exist now, though Heidi still wants to play. We added Rosie (toy poodle) to the mix last summer. Again, Heidi was thrilled, Rosie not so sure about her. Hunter was smart enough to see Rosie is smaller than he is and no threat. Rosie has learned to deal with Heidi, and for whatever reason, has no interest in the cat. They all live together, mostly in peace. (One of these days, I'll bring home Heidi her very own pet that will love her as she deserved to be love, but in the meantime, she has ME )
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