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Originally Posted by waterlily716 View Post
Giovanni's Triple Tea Treat conditioner is nice. Although it's not labelled as a cleansing conditioner, it has tea tree oil in it, and it does the job.
Just found out that Massage Warehouse sells Giovanni conditioners in liter and gallon sizes. Verrrrry tempting since it drives the cost per ounce down even more! Massage Warehouse: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat

Originally Posted by Crownedwisdom View Post
I just bought the loreal line yesterday because I didn't have money to buy my usual and I'm trying them out cause they were price cut at Target. I was the forever reading the bottles because I too am strictly CG and some of there products are silicone, sulfrate free but they were all mixed in together so I had to ensure what was what. I felt like I worked at Target because women were questioning if that is what I use for my hair, I had to direct them to the Shea products and other recommendations and explain this was my first time trying the products. I used the cleansing cream this morning and was surprised on the slip. I usually use Deva no poo because the slip on it works great for my thick long hair. Ill be following this thread cause I also like to support more natural companies.
I'm almost sad I like this L'Oreal product so much! But I know there are more natural alternatives out there. The Giovanni TTTT seems like a very reasonably priced option. Curly Junkie Daily Fix sounds really cleansing without stripping. Darcy's Botanicals sounds moisturizing and dreamy.
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