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I'm a 30E or 30DDD. I order from either figleaves or bare necessities, as I have a hard time finding my size on the ground. Specialty bra/bridal stores or sex shops sometimes have my size, but I find online shopping easier. I love Panache and Freya, as well as Pour Moi and Parfait by Affinitas brands. My bra size is the same in all four brands. Pour Moi is inexpensive. I can find bras in my size from them that are under $30, which is a great bargain from the other brands that serve women in sizes larger than DD.
Thanks! But do you wear both 30E (DD) and 30F (DDD) depending or which size? I wear 30F, though I may fit a 28G. I haven't tried them to be certain they wouldn't fit better than the 30F, but my measurements indicate I'm around the two sizes. I will definitely look into those brands. Thanks!
My size online is either 30E or 30DDD; they're supposed to be the same size. One is the American size and the other is the European size. I can't fit a 30DD; the cups are always too small. When I was measured in a bridal/specialty bra store, my size was 30E. My actual bustline was 28.5 when measured, but the cup size bumped it up to 30.

I've also returned a bra and a bikini top to either Bare Necessities or Figleaves and I had no problem. Their return policies are very good.
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