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Originally Posted by sinistral55 View Post
Also, I need advice. Can any crocheter here help me with the following:

1) Super easy child's hat pattern using super bulky yarn?

2) Either a pattern or ideas for crocheting a child-sized scarf using the same yarn?

I have 4 balls of Lion Brand Landscapes....yarn is very chunky. I kind of wanted to make something quickly enough to finish by Christmas.

There's a beginner pattern on the wrapper for a knit scarf but I'm not sure I have the right needles and not willing to buy any right now. Many thanks to whoever can help me out.

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What size crochet hooks and knitting needles do you have? Do you want to knit or crochet the hat & scarf? That will help me narrow down which patterns would work for you.

Those crocheted wheels are LOVELY!!!
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