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Originally Posted by socalwavynurse View Post
I just got my hair cut yesterday at the Devachan salon in Culver City. My stylist was Sergio. I was very pleased with my overall experience at the salon. Everyone was very nice and friendly. My cut is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I was watching the other curlies and wavies getting cut and styled everyone elses hair looked phenomenal too! I got my hair cut previously at chill salon in Seal beach and I was NOT was not cut in the "deva way" even though they say their stylists are "deva trained" cut was resonably priced as compared to other high end salons I have been to...I really am pleased with the devachan salon as I feel that they really are experts in curly or wavy hair...
May I ask how much you paid for your cut and how long your hair is (just for future reference) ... I went to chill salon and didnt have a problem but one thing I can say is, just because a hair dresser doesnt cut your hair the exact way that they would at devachan doesnt mean theyre not deva trained when I got my hair cut by Richie I believe he said he either worked at a devachan or wanted to but what he said was at devachan you have to cut the hair the EXACT way you were trained down to the t, and he said he couldnt do that so devachan wasnt for him and as a stylist you are creative and once you learn something you may flip it or put a spin it so Im pretty sure all stylists deva trained outside of devachan wont cut your hair the exact way a stylist would a devachan, so Im not sure what your experience at chill salon was or who cut your hair but unless they cut you hair soaking wet that would be a valid nondeva cut lol but when I went, in some sections of my hair they did spritz some water which was because it was tangled pretty bad and I got scared but my cut came out cut so im not complaining lol
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