I used henna and indigo mixed 50/50 for a long time to cover gray in my very dark brown hair, but it bothered me that the indigo faded quickly and my hair ended up very red. The color was never quite dark enough, either. (I used to leave the mix in for 3 hours).

From what I've read, if you use henna first, then rinse that out and do indigo in a separate step, you will get black. From the videos I've seen, this technique actually gives a very dark brown, which would be perfect, but I'd love to hear experiences from those who have done it. I'm tempted to try this but do not want goth jet black hair as that will not be too flattering to me .

I'm thinking of leaving the henna in for 2 hours, and then the indigo in for 2 hours.

Anyone tried this or seen the results?