Hair n physical deform are psychotic effects from wanting to mix n make a devil form that is not human n cause pure to look physically deform n can always be curly n frizzy only if African physically n can hang n look white if choose to look like a mix devil n cause emotional panic about not looking human n be all physical deform n black as death to be alive n not children or parents ever n need to be cared for by nonparent n not seen or heard n can't $exist without serious psychological messages that they are devils to happen to humans n need to not be made n cause humans to need death so much it's ridiculous

NovemBer 2012 Long $ex At FitNess Center With Flat Iron Special With Spiral Cone Wand
NovemBer 2012 Long $ex At Pier 1
Hair Length At Start 10 inches NovemBer 15th 2012
Goal Waist 24 inches March 2015
Hair African Curls 2-3-4A Fuzzy Wide
ShamPoo Aussie Moist
ConDitioner Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle