I honestly wish that curly hair on guys was more accepted by other guys. My boyfriend of three years has the most handsome 3a/3b curls all over his head, and when he wears it curly, it's super sexy.

However, he gets so many comments about how he looks "scruffy" and has a "man-fro" that every 2-3 months he goes in and gets it cut so short that all his curls disappear. I beg him every time not to; I tell him that he looks good with curly hair, but he wants to look "professional" (his words, not mine), so he does it anyway.

I've tried to explain that he looks amazing with curly hair, but because he refuses to use any product at all on his hair (product, according to him, is girly), he gets frustrated fast with the volume of curl that results.

I really wish that other people would stop razzing him about his hair and he would just grow to accept and like the hair he has, but I don't know if that will happen anytime in the foresee-able future.

If any guys out there have any insight, I would be glad to hear it.
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I gotta ask, how old is your boyfriend? The only reason I ask is because for me anyhow, when I got married, two years later I found myself taking the approach of, the hell with feeling the need to impress others.

The way I transitioned was for 20 years I went every four weeks short and cropped. The next seven I went every 6-8 weeks semi-short. The last year, I go every three months and tell my stylist to "leave it longer" after cutting it.

I'm finding that three months between haircuts is a perfect balance between "rocking the curls" and not letting it get out of control.

Keep encouraging him but don't ram it down his throat. Not that you are but you get the idea. It's just that you can't force someone to get on board.

Maybe tell him, "Curls aren't just for girls."