I think it is possible that I am in love with this product.
A friend told me she got some in her Birchbox this month and loved it. We have different hair properties, but I had enough "points" that I got it free with free shipping from Birchbox, so gave it a try.
First day: Meh, nothing noteworthy

(her hair is amazing!)

second day: i did a modified version of that, my hair is much shorter and wow!!!!!!
WOW!!! bouncy, non crunchy, NON STRINGY curls!!! lasted ALL DAY. All I used was Curl Keeper and some Foxy Curls Spray - that's it (which for me is quite remarkable, I usually have a minimum of 4 products in my hair at any given point in time)

third day: i didn't spend quite as much time as I did yesterday but still i have bouncy happy hair!! like you should put a tiara on my head because I feel like a princess kind of happy bouncy hair.

I need to buy a litre of this!
Modified CG since Dec 2011
Growing out super short cut

High porosity, fine, unknown curl type, somewhere in the 2s at the moment
Mostly low poo
Current rotation includes:
Wash: Yes To Carrots -Condition: Yes to Cucumber, Nature's Gate Jojoba, One C - Stylers: Deva volumizing foam, Deva UDG B'Leave In, Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curl spray