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I feel so bad for my parents. They are older, and struggling financially.

Dad has cancer. Mom has a disability. She can work, but it's sometimes painful for her.

She called me crying the other day, feeling down in the dumps because she can't get a job, money is tight, etc.

So, I made a resume for her and sent it out to 11 companies today. She's already had 2 replies!

I feel happy and relieved
My mom got a job!!! And, the guy offered my sister a position, too!

I feel like this
Awww...that is so awesome, RB! But it only took her one day to get an offer? Wow...
Yep! My mom is awesome, but since her accident (fell and tore the rotator cuff on her right side, and tore muscle in her left shoulder), she's suffered from low self-esteem. Add to that taking care of my sick dad. She hit rock bottom. She just needed someone to take the reins.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that I have excellent resume skills
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