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Originally Posted by spring1onu View Post
-I had the wrong expectations for physical therapy. My therapist keeps giving me homework and I don't want to stick my finger in my mouth to massage my jaw. There is so much wrong with my upper body area that we can't even cover it all in one visit. I'm hoping he does something for my neck on the next visit, can't a girl get a massage?!
Why did your therapist recommend you massage your jaw from the inside? I'm curious because I do this and have never heard of anyone else doing it!

I have a recurring knot in the masseter muscle on the left side. It gave me such bad headaches (and eye aches and ear aches), a neurologist diagnosed me with Trigemenial Neuralgia and prescribed me some heavy duty anti-epilepsy (or was it anti-seizure?) drugs.

I felt something was off with the diagnosis, and continued my own research. Well, I'll be damned, self-massage has cured all of my problems. No pain in my head, eye, or ear since July/August.

I also massage my temporalis and sternocleidomastoid daily. I use a tennis ball to self-massage my upper back. I have poor posture and all the muscles are interconnected and affect each other.

You can do it. When you see how much better you feel (and really, how simple it is!), you'll get over the ickiness fast!
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