Hello curlies.

I need a little help. Would love to change my hairstyle, especially given the tall, convex, forehead I have (think Rihanna but also longer in height), but I'm afraid I'll go nuts every morning trying to make it look like bangs and not just short crazy hair curling and sticking all over my forehead.

I'm trying the no poo method too, so I am avoiding cones and heat, and I would love to avoid flattening irons and similar methods, too.

Is there a way for a 2B/2C hair (which in my case isn't all that curly on top of head) to have bangs without a lot of effort every morning?

Please, please...share your experiences.

Thank you.

Here's a pic, too, if it helps. (I'm on on the right).
Modified CG (Oct, 2012.)
hair type:
2B/2C/, normal density, high porosity -.-
shampoo: Faith in Nature - Aloe Vera shampoo
: Faith in Nature - Aloe Vera conditioner
leave in: Alverde Styling gel White Tea & Lemongrass
: Burdock oil, Coconut oil

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